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Summit Management is known for its great communities and management. Our main goal is to keep our properties well maintained and provide the best living experience for our residents. In our manufactured home communities, residents lease a homesite from us, and when doing so sign a lease and community rules agreeing, among other things, to keep their manufactured homes and homesites properly maintained including making repairs and replacement of items when needed. We follow or exceed Minnesota statutes and laws with our operations including the non-compliant notices we provide below:


30 day notices to make corrections or repairs:

Many of our residents do a terrific job keeping their manufactured homes and homesites in great condition and repair. As part of our efforts and our responsibility to maintain great places to live, we conduct yearly inspections of our communities.  Our goal is to ensure compliance with our community lease and community rules and to issue notices if we find significant deficiencies requesting that these items are corrected.  At the beginning of this summer, in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, we inspected all homesites and each resident of the manufactured home or homesite that was not in compliance with their lease and/or the rules received a 30-day letter notifying them of items to be corrected or the repairs that must be completed.   We invited our residents to work with us on any questions they have and establishing reasonable timelines for completion. At the conclusion of that 30-days, unless these items had been completed or resolved by the resident, each non-compliant homesites were re-inspected for compliance. 


10 day certified courtesy warning letter:

If the 30 day items are not completed, and no resolution or extension had been requested, residents are given a courtesy “final warning” from our attorney that these items need to be completed or an eviction action will be started seeking compliance.    The goal is again to warn our residents that this is a very serious matter and these items, left unfinished will lead to an eviction action seeking their compliance.   


In some of our communities, additional items needing repair were added by mistake to some courtesy 10-day warning letters without providing the requisite thirty day notice. This shouldn’t have happened.   While these are valid items that will need to be corrected to comply with the lease and park rules, we immediately corrected our mistake in that we rescinded the 10 day warning notices from the attorney, reissued new 30 days for all these items to each resident in the select communities that were affected, and sent out notices to our residents through our resident portal explaining the misstep. We have and are apologizing for this noticing error.


Eviction actions to seek compliance:

For those few residents that refuse to make any repairs to their homes or homesites and who don’t create an agreeable corrective action plan, we will commence eviction actions seeking their compliance of these repairs.   Our objective is again to give the residents a final chance to agree in court to correct their lease and rule deficiencies.  If they refuse, the residents have a right to a trial on the lease and rule violation.   If it is determined by the Court that they failed to comply, the Court will order them to vacate the premises.    If the Court determines the notices were not proper or the items are not a lease or rule violation, the Court will rule in the resident’s favor and they can remain at the homesite. 


Summit Management continually works with residents to bring non-compliance items back into compliance.  It is important to us to maintain safe and clean communities that our residents are proud to live in – and to do so, we need to enforce our community rules and standards.  Eviction actions are our very last resort – and then are done so to seek compliance, not simply to have our residents vacate the community.


We urge our residents to contact their community managers with questions or concerns. Summit Management is also here for additional support and any resident can call our Chief Operating Officer, Jaime Scheerz, at 651-705-3306.


Summit Management is proud of all the communities we own and operate, and we are continually striving to improve them.   We know many of our residents take the same pride and appreciate well kept homes and homesites – whether theirs or their neighbors.


Thank You.


Summit Management, LLC.

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